Some of our customers heard the term halal but aren't exactly sure what it means or if it has the same meaning as kosher.

Like kosher food, Halal food is guided by religious criteria that govern everything from how the animals destined to be eaten are fed and raised, to how they are slaughtered and prepared for consumption.

Halal food, for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, has health benefits


The halal method of preparing an animal for food allows maximum drainage of blood from the animal's body. Blood in meat makes it more susceptible to putrefaction and also negatively impacts taste. Methods using stunning cause an animal to secrete lactic acid which hastens the onset of putrefaction because lactic acid makes the meat less resistant to bacteria. Lactic acid also significantly negatively impacts taste.Halal meat tastes better, is more tender, is healthier and stays fresh longer because the absence of blood makes it resistant to bacteria. Halal meat also makes sense economically because less blood means pound per pound you bring home more meat and yield more finished product.


The halal method of preparing animals is not only the most hygienic; it is also the most humane for the animal.

Muslims are taught through the Qu'ran that all animals should be treated with respect and be well cared for. Therefore the goal in halal style butchery is to slaughter the animal in a manner which will limit the amount of pain the animal will endure, while this is being done, the person with the blade says a prayer to bless the animal and give thanks for the food.It's a very specific method of killing animals for food and ensuring that no live animals ever see another animal slaughtered

Halal establishments cannot serve the following food:

  • Pork or pork by-products
  • Animals that were dead prior to slaughtering
  • Animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered with appropriate prayer
  • Blood and blood by-products
  • Carnivorous animals
  • Birds of prey
  • Land animals without external ears

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